Fully ceramic facings

Porcelain facings are made of very thin covers, only 0.5-1mm thick, that are mounted on teeth. They provide the significant improvement of appearance, particularly of front teeth, remove gaps between teeth, by extending, highlighting and lightening them. 

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Facings made at our laboratory stand out due to the unique method of welding (they are not pressed uniformly as most products available on the market). Therefore, they have the following qualities:

  • they require minimum invasive preparation of a tooth and grinding is often eliminated,

  • they may have minimum thickness (if the clinical situation requires so),

  • they provide top white aesthetics (custom-made colours and texture) and red colour (the natural imperceptible transfer into a gum and papilla),

  • they are ideally matched (Jan Langner system), and after correct cementation and the suitable matching in the occlusion, they are extremely resistant.

We use them successfully for closing a diastema, changing the colour and shape of teeth, levelling arches (the fast ‘orthodontic’ effect) and the reconstruction of the whole occlusion, where cementing takes place also on lateral sections, after the detailed analysis of the patient’s occlusion.